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A One of a Kind Experience

At Carousel of Life Estate Sales, Our goal is to provide a successful and profitable sale, while maintaining the dignity and respect for the owners' possessions - as well as family members. We are keenly aware that these belongings represent a lifetime of love, family, memories, celebrations and dreams.

We believe that your home is a reflection of you and your loved ones. It is to be revered and respected, as are your belongings. Each item will be treated respectfully regardless of value.

Covid Information and Updates

Well, who knew the CDC would change their minds and say it is acceptable for vaccinated individuals to be mask less outside? We respect their position, however, we still request that each attendee continue to wear a mask and allow us to take temperatures and sanitize your hands. After all, some of us are OLD, and we still have that nagging 5% exposure. Seriously, we take the health and well being of our attendees as well as all of our families health very seriously. In this uncharted territory, we at Carousel Of Life are dedicated to keep everyone safe and healthy. We appreciate your continued patronage and support in these challenging times. Our prayers are with all of you and your families! May God bless!